4+ Reasons Exterior Shutters are a Good Idea

Shutters have been used for years for a wide variety of reasons from enhancing curb appeal, giving protection in some of the worst storms and adding value to your home. It doesn’t cost much and they can completely change the look of your home. It’s easy to install shutters so you can DIY.
4+ Reasons Exterior Shutters are a Good Idea

Shutters come in a spectrum of shape, color and size, which means, you’re sure to find something that fits perfectly into your taste and style. Your shutters will become an important facet of your home’s design for years to come. We’ll highlight 5 reasons why exterior shutters are a good idea.

Perfect basic installation

There are a lot of different design specifications, upgrades, or installations that you can add to your home exterior, but very few that are as cheap, memorable and worthwhile as a good pair of shutters. Not only do they accent drab windows, they make your house stand out! How often have you characterized a house by the color of its shutters? Well designed shutters are beautiful to look at and will be a talking point of your neighbors.

Protection from bad weather

Shutters are about more than good looks. They’re especially useful if you’re dealing with bad weather. Shutters protect expensive windows from breakage, by fastening together to protect your assets from even the worst wind, hail, snow, ice, or rain that Mother Nature can throw at you, meaning that you’ll have fewer costly repairs in the future, and a safer atmosphere for your family.

Temperature control and energy efficient

One of the best aspects about good shutters is that they completely seal out outside air, keeping cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer. This can save you a bundle of money over the long run because your HVAC or air conditioning units will turn on less. This fact alone will probably pay for your shutters by itself in a few years. You’ll be far more comfortable in weather extremes than before because of exterior shutters.

Extreme Durability

Adding shutters to your home is a basic home improvement and adds a huge amount of security and curb appeal to your home. They’re easy to install, super durable, long lasting and relatively inexpensive. You’ll probably never have to replace them while you’re living in your home, and functional shutters definitely raise the asking price of a house (sometimes even by as much as 5-10% in particularly stormy locals.)

Design Variety

There is a plentiful amount of variety, design and size options to choose from that will help make it easy to find the perfect addition to your home exterior. One design that is proven successful is to match your exterior shutters to the color of your front door.  Shutters come in different material including; wood composite, vinyl and fiberglass. You even have the option to specially design your own shutters. While you might spend a little bit more on a specialized design, it’s definitely worth it in the end, when you see the perfect accent that a simple shutter can add.

When it comes down to it, shutters are perfect for practically any home. There comes a time in every home’s life, when a severe storm or weather situation occurs and you wish you had extra protection, which shutters provide. There also comes a time when you might want a specific look and shutters do that too. In the end, shutters are a cheap alternative to window blinds or worn-out draping that provide far more functionality for the cost, making them well worth the purchase.

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